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Valentine's Day
Spend Valentine's Day in a way like never before!
During a time when connecting with those you love the most is harder than ever, we bring you the Experience Box!

Spend the evening reconnecting, sharing stories, asking questions and laughing through the use of our Story Deck Cards while enjoying the amazing smell of fresh brownies from the oven!

What's inside?
The Story Deck - Valentine's Day Edition
A set of 52 cards creatively designed to help you connect, reconnect, laugh and reminisce with those you love the most! Deal out the cards to your Valentine, your family members or your gal pals for an all-around fun experience!
Brownie Hearts
Top off your night with a sweet treat that you create together! Our brownie mix is specially made just for you by Chef Justin Harrison of Just-In-Thyme Catering. It is not only delicious, but easy to make and a great way to spend time with your Valentine.  
- Heart-shaped silicone pan
- Brownie Mix
- Variety of icing choices
- Sprinkles for decorating
- Caramel recipe in case you're feeling adventurous, but don't worry, this part is optional 😉

Spend time with your Valentine while Baking is a great way to have some fun while enjoying the delicious smell of brownies baking in your kitchen.
"I can't wait to try something new for Valentine's Day this year!"
Jamie R. 
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